FTP Suite Updated With Custom Timeout

Pyramid Designs has released an update for FTP Suite, bringing it to version 2.2. FTP Suite is a REALbasic development toolset designed as a set of classes and code modules for REALbasic implementation. The update features custom connection timeout setting and list enhancements. According to Pyramid Designs:

Pyramid Designs, a software development firm, announces an update to FTP Suite, a set of classes and code modules that allows FTP operations to be implemented in REALbasic applications.

Release 2.2 of FTP Suite adds the following features:

  • The connection timeout (which defaults to 20 seconds) can now be modified to allow transmission over slow connections and with slow servers
  • FTP Suite can now return a Name List (NLST) instead of the standard list, when a directory request is sent to the server

You can find more information about the FTP Suite update at the Pyramid Designs Web site. FTP Suite 2.2 is free for registered users, while the full professional version is available for US$59.95.