Fantom Offers High Speed CD-RW Duplication Systems

Fantom Drives has announced a new CD duplication sytem that has the ability to produce up to 120 CDs in an hour. The new 16x Fantom Drives Compact Disc Duplication System runs at speeds of 16x10x40, and features re-writable drive mechanisms from Yamaha. According to Fantom Drives:

Fantom Drives today announcedthe availability of the new 16x Fantom Drives Compact Disc DuplicationSystem product line. Featuring high-speed 16x10x40 CD-ReWritable drivemechanisms from Yamaha, these new duplication systems are availableimmediately in 2-up, 5-up, and 10-up configurations.

The Fantom Drives Standalone CD Duplication System combines the flexibilityand speed of 16x10x40 CD-ReWriteable drives with the simplicity and massivereplication power its built-in duplication controller. Able to complete anentire CD copy in under five minutes, the Fantom Drives CD DuplicationSystem can copy up to 120 ISO-9660, HFS/HFS+, Mixed-Mode, CD-XA, CD-DA,Photo CD, Video CD, or Audio CDs in one hour. Because the built-incontroller automatically identifies the source and destination media,operation requires virtually no training-- placing the power of ahigh-volume replication bureau in the hands of artists, composers,developers, and other creative professionals!

In "Standalone Mode", the Fantom Drives CD Duplication System can read asource CD to its built-in hard disk drive for immediate duplication, orlong-term archiving. Because several CD images may be stored at any onetime, multiple runs of different CDs can be duplicated on an "as-need"basis, eliminating the need to search for the master disc from a previousrun.

Alternatively, the Fantom Drives CD Duplication System may also be connectedto a PC or Macintosh workstation and used in "Online Mode", which turns themain CD-ReWriteable drive unit into a standard SCSI device. The main drivemay then be used with optional disc-mastering software (such as Roxio Toastor Easy CD-Creator) to create a master disc for copying, data-backup, or tosimply produce one disc, if no other copies are needed.

Pricing for the 16x Fantom Drives Compact Disc Duplication System begins at US$1,799. You can find more information at the Fantom Drives Web site.