Fantom Starts To Add OS X Compatibility To Their Products

Fantom Drives has announced that they have started to add OS X support to the product line. While the company is committed to adding support for the latest OS across their product line, this is only the first phase. According to Fantom Drives:

Fantom Drives today announced that it has completed the first phase of qualifying the Fantom Drives product line for use with MacOS X. The results and notes for each product series have been posted on the Fantom Drives website on a new "MacOS X Compatibility Page" which can be found at

Since the release of MacOS X on March 24, 2001, Fantom Drives has been vigorously working to qualify its products with the next generation operating system. The new MacOS X Compatibility Page rates each series of the Fantom Drives product line as "Fully Supported", "Partial Support", or "Not Supported" when used with MacOS X, version 10.0. Presently, over half of the Fantom Drives product line features a Full or Partial rating, including the Fantom Drives FireWire and SCSI Hard Disk Drives, all G-Force RAID models, Industrial RAID, FireWire and SCSI DVD-ROM and DVD-RAM drives (as noted by Apple, DVD Video playback is not supported in MacOS X version 10.0; however, the data functions of Fantom Drives DVD-ROM and DVD-RAM drives operate properly).

The new MacOS X Compatibility Page also notes which Fantom Drives products do not currently operate with MacOS X. The site will continue to be updated as Fantom Drives, Apple, and other third-party software developers release new software revisions for these products.

Fantom Drives is also in the process of completing its qualification of MicroNetis line of data storage products. Although some MicroNet products, such as the Genesis RAID, have been pre-qualified at Apple for use with MacOS X Server, results for the entire MicroNet line have not yet been published. An update to the MacOS Compatibility page next week will include information on all current MicroNet products.

You can find more information about their full line of products at the Fantom Drives Web site.