FastMac Giving Away Leopard T-shirts Outside Bay Area Apple Stores

FastMac announced this week that the company would be giving away their own Leopard-themed T-shirts outside Bay Area (California) Apple Stores. The company, maker of Mac and iPod accessories and upgrade components, has made four Leopard-themed T-shirts, and will be handing them out for free between 4:00 PM and 6:00 PM Pacific to people waiting in line for the Leopard event.

According to the company, Fastmacis Leopard Launch Event T-shirts are available in 4 limited edition designs: "Hasta La Vista" (which features a target scope lens focusing in on Microsoft Windows in the front and the words "10.26.07 Judgment Day" emblazoned in the back), "Mac to the Future" (which features a reference to the "other" Time Machine and the words "10.26.07 The Future is Now" on the back), "A Whole New Xperience" (which features a space theme in the front and the words "10.26.07 The Odyssey Begins" in the back) and "300" (which features a reference to the 300 new features in Mac OS X Leopard in the front and the words "Madness? This is LEOPARD" in the back).

Three of the four T-shirt designs from FastMac

If you canit attend a Bay Area Leopard launch event, FastMac is also offering the shirts on its Web site for $9.99 each.