Fast Rabbit Makes Teachers Quiz-Wizard

Pop quizzes, the bane of every school-aged child, just got easier for teachers to create. Fast Rabbit Software has released an OS X version of School Time Quizzer, a quiz creating tool for teachers and, for those wishing to get a leg up on the competition and students alike. This from fast Rabbit Software:

School Time Quizzer allows teachers to make and students to take true/false and multiple choice quizzes on the computer. Scores can be printed at the end of a computer based quiz, recorded directly into a GradeBook1 grade book file at the end of a computer based quiz, or quizzes can be printed and taken on paper.

School Time Quizzer can be had for a paultry sum of $19 per copy. Multi-license discounts are available. Please stop by Fast Rabbit Softwareis site for more detail.

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