Fastware Launches New Web Site has launched a new Web site, allowing users to order Fastware product directly online. Fastware is known for its BridgeIt device, which acts as a SCSI-to-FireWire converter. Not only does BridgeIt offer users SCSI-to-FireWire connectivity, it also provides two additional FireWire ports. According to Fastware: has officially launched their new web site and Order Center to coincide with the second production lot of their top-selling BridgeIt FireWire-to-SCSI converter. BridgeIt enables SCSI devices to connect to a host computeris FireWire port while also offering two additional 1394 portsfor hub functionality.

BridgeIt, and the FW Extension for MacOS, supports multiple SCSI hard drives, MO, tape, removables, and CD-ROMs in a chain. The upcoming SIM Extension will bring support for CD-R/RW, scanners and printers, and the early 2Q release of a flash utility will allow for a full SCSI chain of 7devices.

The Order Center enables customers to use shopping cart functions prior to entering the secure server for order launch. The Order Center is integrated into their newly deployed web site; a fast loading, informative and easy to navigate product and technical support catalog.

You can find more information, and view their entire line of products, at the Web site.