FatBits Updates Herodotus With Archiving

FatBits Software has released an update for Herodotus, bringing it to version 1.3. Herodotus is a utility designed for searching history logs within a users Web browser. The update features an Archive option and Mozilla enhancements. According to FatBits Software:

FatBits Software Updates Herodotus, a Web Browser History and Bookmark Search Application to Version 1.3.

Herodotus is a Web browser history search application for Mac OS X. It allows you to search the history file of many popular Mac Web browsers. Supported browsers include: Safari, Internet Explorer, OmniWeb, Netscape / Mozilla, Camino, and Opera.

New in version 1.3:

  • A new Archive option stores browser history entries to a database even after your browser has forgotten them
  • Startup time has been dramatically reduced and a startup progress bar is now in place. Opening new search windows happens instantly instead of after a long pause. The Reload button is also accompanied by a progress bar
  • Herodotus now soft highlights sites that share the same domain as the selected web site
  • Mozilla based browsers now include Date and Title information
  • Camino 0.8 bookmarks can now be imported
  • Dates are now shown for bookmarks when available. The date is that of your last visit to the site
  • Dates are much more accurate for all browsers
  • Herodotus now finds Mozilla based browseris history and bookmark files even more reliably
  • You can now open history and bookmark files manually
  • The "Both" search option has been changed to "Either" and a true "Both" option has been added. Results returned for "Both" will contain the search phrase in both the title and address
  • HTML escape sequences are now removed from URLs and titles that contain them
  • Moved the cache folder from username/Preferences to username/Caches
  • All refferences to Firebird have been changed to Firefox

You can find more information about the Herodotus update at the FatBits Software Web site. Herodotus is available as freeware.