FatBits Updates Herodotus With Expanded Searching

FatBits Software has released an update for Herodotus, bringing it to version 1.2. Herodotus is a utility designed for searching history logs within a users Web browser. The update features expanded search functions and other enhancements. According to FatBits Software:

FatBits Software Updates Herodotus, a Web Browser History and Bookmark Search Application to Version 1.2.

Herodotus is a Web browser history search application for Mac OS X. It allows you to search the history file of many popular Mac Web browsers. Supported browsers include: Safari, Internet Explorer, OmniWeb, Netscape / Mozilla, Camino, and Opera.

New in version 1.2:

  • Herodotus now has the ability to search the content of pages
  • Herodotus caches pages after an initial content search. This speeds future content searches. The cache can be emptied from the Preferences window at any time so that you can check the most recent version of a page instead of the cached version
  • Herodotus can now search bookmarks for Safari, Internet Explorer, OmniWeb, Netscape / Mozilla, Firebird, and Opera
  • Herodotus now offers greater searching flexibility. You can choose to search only titles, only addresses, both, or content. You can also control the strictness of your searches allowing you to search for a word or phrase exactly or for any of a series of words
  • Herodotus now more reliably finds the Netscape / Mozilla history file. (Thanks Fabrizio!)
  • Herodotus performs much faster when using Mac OS X 10.3

You can find more information about the Herodotus update at the FatBits Software Web site. Herodotus is available as freeware.