Feral Announces XIII Development The Mac

Feral Interactive has announced the development of XIII for the Mac platform. XIII is a first-person shooter styled game with comic book like gameplay. The game will feature a unique visual style and online multiplayer gaming. According to Feral Interactive:

Freal announces XIII development.

XIII is an fps with style, strong storyline, groundbreaking gameplay and innovative graphics. He sets off in search of his past. His only clues are the number 13 tattooed on his collarbone and the key to a safety-deposit box in one of New Yorkis most prestigious banks.

XIII marshals the power of Unreal II technology and unique comic-style visuals such as cell shading, flashback graphics, pop-up windows and visual sound effects.

Based on the first 5 XIII comics, this game’s pot goes much further than all FPS games. Unravel a whirlwind conspiracy plot that shrouds your identity, the presidentis assassination and the future of the United States in mystery.

Graphic novel presentation, flashback graphics and pop-up windows create a groundbreaking entry into the genre. XIII marshals the power of Unreal II technology and unique comic-style visuals.

Unique gameplay based on comic-style effects (e.g: footsteps graphically represented by the words ‘tap, tap tap’), infiltration, and use of every objects on the map.

You can find more information about the XIII development at the Feral Interactive Web site. XIII is expected to begin shipping in Q4.