FibreShare For OS X Now Shipping

Charismac has released an OS X version of FibreShare for Mac users. FibreShare is a utility designed for managing ethernet networks. The app features support for Final Cut Pro and Media 100 editing applications. According to Charismac:

Charismac released a version of their reliable Storage Area Networking (SAN) software FibreShare today that works with Applesi Mac OS X. The volume management software package allows multiple users to share between OS9 and OSX and have shared read and write access to Fibre Channel storage without the bottlenecks commonly associated with traditional Ethernet-based networking.

Charismacis OS 9 version of FibreShare has a large installed user base running under OS9. FibreShare allows audio and video applications such as Apple Final Cut Pro, Digidesignsi ProTools and Media 100 to see fibre channel storage as if it were directly attached to the clientis computer with no performance hit to the system.

FibreShare for Mac OS X also sees and allows access to OS 9 volumes. Extra attention was given to this functionality so that customers could slowly migrate to OS X when necessary and as their SAN evolves.

You can find more information about the OS X version of FibreShare at the Charismac Web site. FibreShare for OS X carries a suggested retail price of US$1249 per network seat.