FileMaker Plug-In Now Shipping

Comm-Unity Networking Systems is now shipping a new app for Mac users, SCRIPTit 1.0. SCRIPTit is a FileMaker Pro interface enhancement designed for Web developers. SCRIPTit features a slimmed down navigation interface and is cross-platform supported. According to Comm-Unity Networking Systems:

Comm-Unity Networking Systems announces the release of SCRIPTit 1.0, for FileMaker Pro 4.x and 5.x for Macintosh Platforms.

SCRIPTit is a very flexible FileMaker interface enhancement plug-in that allows you to create script events and dynamic popup menus all with the power of XML markup. With this plug-in you can define script events that happen immediately, at any future time, or on any repeating interval.

Possible Uses and Features SCRIPTit:

  • Slim down navigation interfaces
  • Run scripts immediately, at any date and time, or on any given interval
  • Powerful, yet easy to learn and read XML Markup for defining script events and dynamic popup menus
  • Completely cross-platform
  • Works with FileMaker 4.0 and above, including runtime/bound solutions
  • Menu items can be bold, italic, underline, or any combination of those styles
  • Menu items can have check marks, round bullets, or diamond bullets
  • Update the complete appearance of any menu item at any time (enable, disable, font style change, etc)
  • Menu items can be selectively shown or hidden based on which modifier keys are held down (ctrl, shift, opt, cmd)
  • Menus can be inserted into other menus
  • Menu items can be inserted or deleted from existing menus

You can find more information about the SCRIPTit release at the Comm-Unity Networking Systems Web site. SCRIPTit 1.0 is available starting at US$89.00.