FileMaker Pro Gets Instant Messaging Capabilities

Brian Dunning has released The BoardRoom 2.0, an instant messaging app for use with FileMaker Pro 5.x. The BoardRoom 2.0 has audio and visual alerts for incoming messages for up to 250 users online. According to Brian Dunning:

You asked for it, you got it! FileMaker Instant Messaging - now with audio and visual alerts of incoming messages.

Announcing The BoardRoom 2.0, available immediately. This new version lets you communicate instantly with your coworkers without leaving FileMaker Pro, and without installing any additional software.

The BoardRoom is a FileMaker Pro 5.x solution which provides an instant messaging environment, with up to 250 users online simultaneously. You can send, receive, broadcast, edit, and retrieve old messages. The BoardRoom provides audio and visual notification of incoming messages, quoted text in replies, automated time stamping of all deliveries and receipts, and broadcast messaging. The Developer Kit gives you the freedom to integrate The BoardRoom into your existing solutions.

You can find more information about The BoardRoom 2.0 at the Brian Dunning Web site. The BoardRoom 2.0 is available free for download.