FileWave Updated With Speed Boosts

FileWave has released an update for FileWave X, bringing it to version 1.6.1. The FileWave series of tools are designed for network administration and management. The update features speed enhancements and the addition of a UNIX based daemon. According to FileWave:

FileWave announces the release of FileWave X 1.6.1, the automated software distribution tool for Mac OS X.

The administrator defines a model configuration only once at a centralized location, and is then able to deploy the configured software to all relevant client computers. FileWave’s network-based software administration tools, including configuration and monitoring, are transparent to the end user.

This update includes a number of speed increases to the FileWave XServer and FileWave XAdmin. In addition a new FileWave Booster that is a multithreaded, UNIX based daemon is part of the update.

You can find more information about the FileWave update at the FileWave Web site. Pricing information available by contacting the FileWave sales team.