File Backup Utility Update From Tri-Edre

Tri-Edre has released an update for Tri-BACKUP, bringing it to version 3.06. Tri-BACKUP is a backup utility used for file storage on OS X. The update has several performance enhancements including copyright checking and improved search funcions. According to Tri-Edre:

TRI-EDRE is proud to announce you the availability of Tri-BACKUP 3.06

This new version allows the user to easily check if he has the necessary rights to read and copy any file.

New features in version 3.06:

  • Menus reorganized under Mac OS X
  • Search function allowing to find files on hard disks added
  • Information window added (displays owner, group and permissions). This window also displays the possibility to read (or not) the files
  • Displays the name of the current user (the one who logged in) in the main window as well as in the information window
  • Time is now displayed with the system date and time settings (for example AM/PM)
  • Displays action names and times in latest operations and errors lists
  • Export, with each file, the file owner, group number, and permissions
  • Evolutive backup data cleaning dialog modified (Tools menu)
  • Optimization of mounting and detecting volumes
  • Displays the selected action with undefined or missing source or destination folders when they are missing
  • Fix a bug that could freeze the backup with AppleShare IP
  • Fix a possible freeze while changing the cartridge or CD during backup under Mac OS X
  • "Suspend" function now works correctly
  • Some improvements making easier the Japanese localisation of Tri-BACKUP
  • Several other minor improvements.

You can find more information about the Tri-BACKUP update at the Tri-Edre Web site. Tri-BACKUP 3.06 is available for US$49.00.