File Backup Utility Update From Tri-Edre

Tri-Edre has released an update for Tri-BACKUP, bringing it to version 3.07. Tri-BACKUP is a backup utility used for file storage on OS X. The update has several performance enhancements including improved CD burning and bug fixes. According to Tri-Edre:

TRI-EDRE is proud to announce you the availability of Tri-BACKUP 3.07

Tri-BACKUP is a powerful and easy backup utility for Mac OS X.

Tri-BACKUP offers two different modes: "Immediate Actions" (to do
easy and immediate backup, synchronizations, and restorations) and
"Programmed actions" (to schedule automatic backup and
synchronizations). Tri-BACKUP 3 has been designed for Mac OS X and
Mac OS X Server.

Tri-BACKUP 3.07 brings many new features: improved CD burning with
Disc Burner, improved comparison window, empty folders are now backup
and restored, new settings, and so on.

New features in version 3.07:

  • New settings option to prevent from ejecting volumes when they get full, or when the action is completed
  • The startup delay can be configured in the settings
  • New option (in the scheduling panel) to prevent automatic backup from being ran manually
  • Empty folders are now correctly restored
  • The comparison function (with the verify content option on) now only considers as "different files" the files with different content
  • Uid and gid (owners and groups) are saved within compressed files, and can be restored correctly, even if files are stored in devices that do not preserve the owner and group, or from Mac OS 9
  • Cmd-H shortcut is now reserved for the "Hide..." function under Mac OS X
  • Fix an issue while restoring from a partial backup
  • Fix a scheduler calculation error when set weekly at shut down
  • Several other minor improvements

You can find more information about the Tri-BACKUP update at the Tri-Edre Web site. Tri-BACKUP 3.07 is available for US$49.00.