File Manipulation Plug-In Available For FileMaker

Waves in Motion has released a new plug-in for FileMaker Pro, oAzium FileTools, that allows users to easily manipulate and manage files directly from FileMaker. With oAzium FileTools, users can search for files and interact with other applications from within FileMaker Pro. According to Waves in Motion:

Ever wish you could skip that trip to Excel when importing the latest data file? Want a turbocharged search engine within your database solution? Need to find images stored in FileMaker Pro and open them in other applications?

Announcing oAzium FileTools, the FileMaker Pro plug-in that adds powerful File manipulation and interaction to your database solutions.

Built from the ground up with flexibility and ease of use in mind, oAzium FileTools provides management control over your file-related tasks. Import files of any format. Export data however you like. Generate web-ready product catalogs that update with the click of a button. Automate complicated relational import/export processes with precision.

Use oAzium FileTools to:

  • Create, read, edit and delete any file (even line by line)
  • Locate files and folders by name
  • Show open and save dialogs
  • Find and work with important folders (like FileMaker Prois Web folder)
  • Script the import of images and image thumbnails
  • Gather comprehensive meta-information about any file

oAzium FileTools works seamlessly with databases whether local or hosted with FileMaker Server. It is available for Microsoft Windows (95 - 2000) and Mac OS. The product includes comprehensive documentation and plenty of examples to get you started.

The oAzium FileTools plug-in is available for US$49. You can find more information at the Waves in Motion Web site.