File Piracy, The Legal Way

VSE has updated their multimedia capture file, File Pirate, to version 3.1. File Pirate allows users to access "hidden" system and application sounds, and save them for use in another program. According to VSE:

Voget Selbach Enterprises (VSE) announced today the release of VSE File Pirate 3.1.

VSE File Pirate is a tool that extracts sounds, pictures, patterns, icons and text from games, application and documents.

For example, VSE File Pirate makes it easy to use the "Youive got mail" sound from AOL with other e-mail applications such as Outlook Express.

The application makes it possible to find the "hidden multimedia library" that is on everybodyis hard disk and on every shareware CD-ROM.

The new version has some interface improvements and fixes some bugs. It now works much better when ripping large media such as shareware CD-ROMs.

VSE File Pirate is available for US$14.95. You can find more information at the VSE web site.