File Sync Utility Updated fron Econ Tech

Econ Technologies has released an update for ChronoSync, bringing it to version 1.1. ChronoSync is a back-up file and folder syncing utility designed for connecting several devices to a network. The update features enhancements including Scheduler improvements and an Analyze viewer. According to Econ Technologies:

ChronoSync™, the automated synchronization tool for Mac® OS X, adds powerful new features. ChronoSync combines an easy to use interface and large feature set, making it the perfect utility for synchronization and light back-ups.

New to this version are persistent synchronization trees. Now ChronoSync keeps track of what and when files were synchronized. This change allows for bi-directional syncs with deletions, better date accuracy with all systems, and even restoration of changed files.

ChronoSync’s full featured Scheduler gets even better too. A new background application can automatically launch and terminate synchronizations so you don’t even have to keep ChronoSync running.

Maintain complete control of your files from the Analyze outline view with increased capabilities. Besides file names and status information, ChronoSync now offers information on size and time differences of files as well as the last sync date.

You can find more information about ChronoSync at the Econ Technologies Web site. ChronoSync 1.1 is available for US$19.95.