File Utility Beta Release From PUBLICSPACE.NET

PUBLICSPACE.NET has released a new beta version of "A Better Finder CREATORS & TYPES", bringing it to version 3.0b1. "A Better Finder CREATORS & TYPES" is a file utility designed for changing file-to-application associations. The beta version features compatibility for OS X. According to PUBLICSPACE.NET:

PUBLICSPACE.NET is pleased to announce version 3.0 beta 1 of its "A Better Finder CREATORS & TYPES" Macintosh Finder enhancement.

A Better Finder Creators & Types is a file utility, which allows you to quickly and easily change file-to-application associations by setting the creator & type attributes of a single or multiple files.

A Better Finder CREATORS & TYPES for Mac OS X is a complete rewrite of the popular Mac OS 9 file association manager. The new product was entirely developed using Appleis Mac OS X Cocoa framework in order to provide the best possible Mac OS X compliance, speed and reliability.

You can find more information about the "A Better Finder CREATORS & TYPES" beta release at the PUBLICSPACE.NET Web site. "A Better Finder CREATORS & TYPES" 3.0b1 is available for US$9.95.