Final Cut Studio Assists London Doctors in Heart Surgery

Macintoshes and Final Cut Studio are playing a key role in helping heart surgeons in London create, edit and share video footage of open-heart surgery, according to an Apple Hot News story posted Monday at Apple UK.

Professor Martin Elliott explained how their video technique is furthering knowledge and practice in the field of congenital heart disease at the Great Ormond Street Hospital.

"Professor Elliott and his colleagues have been recording heart procedures for many years -- graduating from U-matic tape to VHS to today?s digital format. In doing so, they have increased the understanding of congenital heart disease, the conditions that occur and the way in which they can be treated. Today, equipped with head-mounted and glass tube cameras, DV camcorders and several powerful Macs loaded with Final Cut Studio, Professor Elliott and his colleagues can present, share and study this specialised area of health," according to the story.

The key to it all is the surgeonis ability to record a surgery and then show others a movie of the operation, discuss the technique, and display the texture and flexibility of the organs.

"We do all our own editing", explained Professor Elliott. "The surgeons enjoy it. Very often they?ll do it on their day off". With no formal training, the surgeons have found it extremely easy to get up to speed thanks to Apple?s intuitive approach to digital editing..."

Professor Elliot thinks that Apple will always play a key role in this technology. " one has done better than Apple as far as screen quality and editing resources are concerned," he said.