Find Internet Hotspots Wherever You Go

When you are out and about, or traveling out of town, itis always nice to know where you can find a wireless Internet connection so you can check email and surf the Web. I use JiWireis Hotspot Locator Dashboard widget because it handles two tasks for me: It finds the Internet hotspots for the area Iim traveling to; and it also shows me the hotspots that are within range of my powerbook, along with their signal strength and whether or not they are password protected.

JiWireis Hotspot Locator widget shows if any wireless networks are in range.

JiWire maintains an online database of free and paid hotspot locations around the world, but be sure to check for hotspot locations ahead of time. If you donit have an Internet connection, the widget canit check the JiWire database for locations.

The widget also lists hotspots surrounding the area you specify.

If you are still using Mac OS X 10.3, donit despair. JiWireis Hotspot Directory application works just like the widget.

The JiWire Hotspot Locator widget and Hotspot Directory application are free, and available for download at the JiWire Web site.

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