Find iPhone Apps from Dashboard

Despite the fact that Apple is limiting developers to Web 2.0 apps on the iPhone, there are still plenty of new offerings coming out all the time. So many, in fact, that it can be a pain to keep track of whatis out there. Enter iPhone Apps Widget: The one-stop-shop for iPhone applications.

iPhone Apps Widget is a Dashboard widget from InnermindMedia that catalogs iPhone applications complete with descriptions and links to developer Web sites. The interface is as simple as the iPhone itself, and it also includes a link so developers can add their applications to the iPhone Apps Widget database.

Find iPhone applications with iPhone App Widget.

Scrolling through the iPhone-style list is easy: Just "flick" with your mouse to move up or down through the list. Clicking the blue Info buttons shows the application descriptions along with a Visit Site button that takes you to the developeris site in your Web browser.

You can download iPhone Apps Widget at the InnermindMedia Web site. This handy widget is free, but the team at InnermindMedia does accept donations to help keep their site up and running.

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