Finder Navigation Utility Updated

St. Clair Software has updated the Finder enhancement, Default Folder, to version 3.1. Default Folder allows users to easily navigate through the Finder when opening and saving files, providing easy access to any number of folders. According to St. Clair Software:

St. Clair Software has released a new version of Default Folder, their popular enhancement for Open and Save dialogs.

In addition to navigating quickly and easily through Open and Save dialogs, Default Folder 3.1 users can now edit "Get Info" comments directly within file dialogs. Default Folder 3.1 also includes compatibility fixes for MacPerl, AppleScript, Kaleidoscope, and for users that print to PostScriptfiles using LaserWriter 8.

Highlights of the changes in Default Folder 3.1 include:

  • Finder "Get Info" comments can now be edited within files dialogs using Default Folderis Get Info command.
  • Default Folder fixes the command-up-arrow keyboard shortcut so that it works in Navigation Services Save dialogs without having to tab away from the filename edit box.
  • A problem with the SetFileDialogFolder AppleScript addition was fixed, eliminating errors and crashes in AppleScript and while syntax checking MacPerl scripts in BBEdit.
  • Default Folder now works correctly in all Save As dialogs displayed by the LaserWriter 8 printer driver.
  • The Default Folder Control Strip module no longer crashes when used with Kaleidoscope installed.
  • An option was added to the "Expert Options" dialog to speed up the "Recent" menu in Navigation Services dialogs by displaying only folders in the menu.

Default Folder is available for US$25. You can find more information at the St. Clair Software Web site.