Finder Window Update Utility Updated has released an update for WindowsUpdater, bringing the utility to version 1.1. WindowsUpdater has nothing to do with updating Microsoft Windows, as one might be forgiven for thinking, but rather it provides an interface for forcing Mac OS X Finder windows to update, and to control regular forced updates. From

This small floating palette, automatically forces the refresh of the Finder windows contents.

A popup menu lets the user selects the frequency of the automatic refresh. Alternatively the user can force the refresh simply clicking on the button "Update Windows".

WindowsUpdater is useful whenever the Finder wonit update automatically the contents of the windows, or when it delays at updating the windows. Like any OS X user knows, in facts, after creating documents like PDF files using Acrobat Distiller or when working as "control station" of remote file servers, the Finder delays the refresh of the windows contents.

Whatis new in WU 1.1

  • WU now updates the Desktop folder.
  • Positions of main window is now remembered at the next relaunch.
  • Window can be miniaturized in the dock.
  • Minor changes to the interface.

You can find more information and download links for WindowsUpdater at ChooseFile.comis Web site. The utility is free.