Finding Area Codes the Easy Way

Occasionally I need to call someone that has given me their phone number, but hasnit told me what time zone they are in - an important bit of information when conducting business. Instead of risking making a call outside of their work hours, I check with Google: Oracle of all knowledge.

To find what city an area code is in, perform a Google search for the area code along with the words "area code." For example, if I need to know where area code 303 is, I search for 303 area code.

Google searching for area code locations.

In this case, I see that 303 is in Colorado, which is in the mountain time zone. Lucky for me, Iim in the same time zone, so I donit have to worry about shifting hours when calling.

Google tells you what city specific area codes are in.

Google is a great resource for all kinds of information, and is a handy business tool for me. Best of all, looking for data like this through Google is free - itis like having your own personal administrative research assistant.

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