Finikin Fixes Crash Bugs With Modifier 2.6 Release

Finikin Developers has released an update for Modifier, bringing it to version 2.6. Modifier is an OS X file utility designed for providing GUI models. The update features crash bug fixes and file browser enhancements. According to Finikin Developers:

Finikin Developers is pleased to announce the release of Modifier 2.6.

Modifieris purpose is to provide a GUI model to administer file permissions in Mac OS X. Mac OS X provides a limited interface to do this via the Finder. However, this function limits the changeable attributes - to change things like creation and modification dates, creators and types, invisbility, and so on, Modifier is your app!

2.6 Features:

  • Fixed a problem of application crashes when authentication while the application was still calculating a size
  • The file browser has had some general refinements - some problems with opening files selected to view in an info window have been fixed
  • Modifier can be used as a Get Info application for Path Finder

You can find more information about the Modifier update at the Finikin Developers Web Site. Modifier 2.6 is available for US$10.00.