FireDINO Stomps In With Blazing Firepower

FireWire Depot is now shipping the FireDINO for Mac users. The FireDINO is a 4-port Firewire hub designed for connecting multiple devices to a users system. The hub features a unique exterior design with lighted eyes and mouth, as well as support for 400 Mbps data transfer rates. According to FireWire Depot:

FireWire Depot announces the arrival of FireDINO - run for the hills!!

Want a new functional conversation piece on your desktop?

FireDINO is a 4-port FireWire hub/repeater that is Godzillais smaller cousin. FireDINO is as menacing as he is useful as he helps to rid computer desktops of FireWire cable clutter and provide additional FireWire ports.

FireDINOis piercing red eyes and blue mouth light up when plugged into a FireWire powered bus on your computer or use the optional external power supply.

FireDINO features 4 fast 400 Mbps data ports designed to expand your computers firewire capabilities. FireDINO is 100% 1394 / Firewire compliant and requires no additional drivers. FireDINO is completely bus-powered; however an optional power adapter is available for users who may need additional power.

You can find more information about the FireDINO release at the FireWire Depot Web site. The FireDINO hub is available for US$69.50.