FireWire-to-SCSI Adapter Put Through The Paces

FireWire Depot has posted information on the new BridgeIt! FireWire-to-SCSI adapter. The new product allows users to use old SCSI peripherals with modern FireWire ports. According to FireWire Depot:

BridgeIt!? is a combination FireWire-to-SCSI converter and FireWire Hub/Repeater designed to currently support up to 4 external SCSI hard drives, including most CD-R/RW units, MO and removable media such as Iomegais Jaz.? for MacOS and Windows. Near-future firmware release (December) will bring support up to 7 SCSI hard drives.

BridgeIt! works with MacOS (downloadable driver will be available on the web site for qualified buyers) and Windows98 SE and Windows Me.

You can find more information about BridgeIt! at the FireWire Depot web site.