FireWire Depot Releases An Array Of New Drives

FireWire Depot has announced the availability of many new FireWire enclosures and drives. The new drives are available in 2.5", 3.5", 5.25" and multi-drive sizes, and use connections of FireWire, FireWire 800, and USB2. From FireWire Depot:

FireWire Depot, the leader in 1394a, 1394b and FireWire/USB2 combo peripherals announces the addition of new 2.5", 3.5". 5.25" and multi-drive enclosures.

The 2.5 inch Speedzter2 1394a and Speedzter2 1394a/USB2 enclosure line has expanded to include:

The 2.5 inch Speedzter2-800 enclosure line has expanded to include:

The 3.5 inch Speedzter3 FireWire 1394a USB2 enclosure line has expanded to include:

The 3.5 inch Speedzter3-800 FireWire 1394b USB2 enclosure line has expanded to include:

The 5.25" Speedzter5 FireWire Enclosure has expanded to include:

New multi-drive enclosures include:

Utilizing what is known as the ATA Streaming Feature Set which Hitachi has helped developed for use in AV storage applications (such as digital video recorders, video editing or video streaming servers). we introduce the NEW BigStor5 (500G), BigStor6 (600G) and BigStor8, (800GB) AV Hard Drive that will deliver an un-interrupt stream of data, this feature is highly important in the use of HDTV recorders since high bandwidth streams are required, and an important feature for AV system since constant of data stream is a must. The BigStor series, one of the largest capacity small form factor drives on the market, offers an impressive 500-800GB of storage space in a 3.5 inch format. With this spacious capacity, the BigStor lets users store up to three days of digital video from DV camcorders, 200 days of MP3 file (play 24/24), or 160 titles of DVD-Video (DVD-5).

All of FireWire Depotis new drives are Mac and Windows compatible, and are available now.