FireWire To SCSI Converter's Drivers & Firmware Updated has released a revised version of SIM Extension, the driver for its BridgeIt FireWire to SCSI converter. The new version, 1.0.1, fixes an issue with Sony DAT drives. The company has also released a firmware upgrade for the converter itself. According to has posted new revisions of both the Mac OS SIM Extension and an internal firmware upgrade for the BridgeIt FireWire to SCSI converter.

The SIM version 1.0.1. fixes a previous issue in the support and transfer rates of Sony DAT drives. Users will need to upgrade to the new firmware revision FW302.mot in order to use the revised SIM driver. Using the new driver and firmware, users should experience faster transfer rates.

BridgeIt supports SCSI HDD, MO, tape, printers, scanners, removables and CD-R/RW in a full chain of up to 7 SCSI devices, all connected to a FireWire port. BridgeIt also has two extra 1394 ports for FireWire Hub functionality.

You can find more information about the Mac OS SIM Extension upgrade and BridgeIt at the Web site. BridgeIt is available for US$179.95.