Firewall Defense Analyser Get OS X Facelift

Lagoon Software has released an OS X compliant version of MacAnalysis. MacAnalysis is a virtual hacker tool designed to automatically find holes in a database firewall that could eventually develop into compromised security. The OS X version features Traceroute and security reports. According to MacAnalysis:

MacAnalysis for Mac OS X released!

The security auditing suite for the Macintosh today was released for Mac OS X. Complete a full security audit of your Macintosh, network and hardware devices for security issues and vulnerabilities. Once found you may go deeper into the problem, get the advise to fix the problems to make sure you stay clear from hackers gaining access to you!

Mac OS X features include:

  • Firewall: Instantly enables you to prevent attacks which are intended to you by showing a security alert report.
  • Visual Traceroute: Traceroute is a well know networking tool to show where a IP connects through.

You can find more information about MacAnalysis at the MacAnalysis Web site. MacAnalysis is available for US$50.00.