FirewireDirect Announces 1.1 Terabyte FireWire RAID Solution

Got RAID? FirewireDirect has introduced a new 1.1 Terabyte FireWire RAID solution called FireWire RAID Epic-DS Digital Storage (DS) System. The unit is a single tower configuration with redundant power supplies, and it works with Windows 2000 and the Mac OS. FirewireDirect expects to provide Mac OS X support by Q2 of 2002. From FirewireDirect:, Inc. has introduced the new FireWire RAID Epic-DS Digital Storage (DS) System.  

The RAID Epic-DS is a FireWire tower storage cluster with RAID support for Windows 2000 and Mac OS, offering a single continuous storage volume of over a Terabyte of fully formatted, high-speed storage especially suited for digital video (DV) work, graphics professionals and multimedia creators.   In use with Adobe Premiere, Appleis Final Cut Pro and leading Non-linear editing (NLE) applications like those from Avid, Media 100 and others, FireWire/1394 RAID from FirewireDirect provides the high capacity storage and FireWire throughput needed for demanding DV work and high capacity storage.  Now the increased capacity, reliability and power of the new Epic-DS makes possible even larger data storage projects demanding the huge capacity unavailable elsewhere in FireWire storage.  

The FirewireDirect RAID Epic-DS is an easy to use storage cluster of 1.1 Terabytes of hard disk storage, arrayed into a single volume with an actual usable capacity of over 1 Terabyte of fully formatted space.   It includes redundant power supplies for reliability.   The latest in a line of 1394 RAID products to be sold and supported by FirewireDirect, it is backed by their expert FireWire RAID experienced support team.  

The companyis line of RAID products now includes a series of high power RAID storage clusters in a fixed tower (FX Series), a companion series with the added flexibility of removable hot-swap bays (HSB Series) and now the RAID Epic-DS with its increased capacity, making a full formatted Terabyte of FireWire storage available for the first time ever.  

Like FirewireDirectis earlier systems, and all FirewireDirect storage products, the new RAID system uses the ultra fast Oxford 911 ATA-100 FireWire bridge board for the ultimate in FireWire speed and performance, giving it more than enough performance to satisfy digital video filmmakers, graphic organizations and multimedia creators requiring ease of use, power, speed and capacity.  With the introduction of this ultimate FireWire RAID system, FirewireDirect continues to distance themselves from the industry as the clear leader in sales and support of FireWire RAID products and solutions.

You can find more information on the FireWire RAID Epic-DS Digital Storage (DS) System at FirewireDirectis Web site. The storage solution is priced at US$5389.

We should also note that TMO readers can get US$250 off of the new RAID unit from FirewireDirect (eCoupon code #BBM15). TMO Readers can also get US$25 off of the companyis other RAID products.