FirewireDirect Now Shipping Vanguard Elite SCSI Drives is now shipping the Vanguard Elite 12 line of storage devices. The Vanguard Elite 12 is a SCSI drive designed for one and two server configs. The Elite features capacities of up to 2000GB. According to, Inc., has announced an enterprise level SCSI solution with support for one and two server configurations with multiple concurrent RAID types and drive capacities. An ultimate solution for demanding enterprise applications and for professional digital content creation applications, the new Vanguard Elite (VE) 12 (12-Bay) will support any platform with SCSI storage support and can deliver throughput up to 100 megabytes per second on each of its two channels.

An IBM high performance RISC processor combined with 256 megabytes of high-speed cache provides high throughputs across up to 12 hard drive mechanisms. With support for large drives, currently up to 160GB, the VE can provide RAID 0 volumes with capacities approaching 2 TeraBytes (2000GB).

You can find more information about the Vanguard Elite release at the FirewireDirect Web site. Pricing for the Vanguard Elite 12 start at US$7295.00 for 960GB.