FirewireDirect Releases Firewire RAID Solution

FirewireDirect has made a new line of hardware RAID storage solutions, called the Vanguard RAID Series, which takes advantage to the speed and versatility of FireWire. The Vanguard RAID products are designed to offer 2-drive RAID solutions for use as central storage and backup devices. From FirewireDirect:, Inc. has now announced the FireWire RAID Vanguard, bringing RAID Level 1 and NRAID to systems that support FireWire storage. Available now in configurations up to 240GB, itis the first FireWire RAID system to run as ihardware RAID,i independent of CPU operating system resources.

FirewireDirect is the leading manufacturer of FireWire RAID solutions, with an extensive family of systems ranging from high performance backup to full featured enterprise solutions with up to a Terabyte of formatted storage capacity. These systems use a software solution that works with your computers CPU and operating system to create RAID Level 0 and Level 1 solutions for Windows 2000 and Mac OS machines. The new Vanguard Series of FireWire RAID products has an independent controller that does not rely on the computeris processor and will support all FireWire systems running Macintosh OS, Windows, Novell, Unix and Solaris systems with FireWire storage support.

The Vanguard is solidly built with a rigid, durable metal casing, a locking door drive bay, powerful cooling fans and a unique suspended design hard drive tray that minimizes hard disc vibration.

As a FireWire device, itis easily plug and play, and can be removed from the system without restarting the operating system. It features a unique auto rebuilding feature that in the event of a hard disk failure will allow full access to one volume while rebuilding the RAID 1 mirror.

Each RAID Vanguard System contains two drives, with capacities of 160/80GB, 200/100GB and 240/120GB of RAID Level 1 or NRAID, also known as ispanning.i NRAID allows 2 drives to be spanned as a single larger volume.

Like FirewireDirectis earlier systems, and all FirewireDirect storage products, the new RAID systems uses ultra fast Oxford 911 ATA-100 FireWire bridge boards for the best possible in FireWire performance, with more than enough to satisfy digital video filmmakers and multimedia users requiring power and security. Like all FirewireDirect RAID solutions, it is backed by the most experienced support team in FireWire RAID.

FirewireDirect offers the most extensive line of FireWire/1394/iLINK devices available anywhere, sold through their on line store and through selected resellers and distributors worldwide. In addition to their major line of storage solutions, they offer an award winning line of FireWire PCI products, FireWire networking devices, 1394 CardBus adapters and a complete selection of FireWire cables and adapters.

For more information on the Vanguard RAID Series at the FirewireDirect site. The Vanguard series is priced as follows:

160/80GB Vanguard RAID US$975.95
200/100GB Vanguard RAID US$1275.95
240/120GB Vanguard RAID US$1475.95