FirewireDirect Shipping New DVD Burners is now shipping new FireWire and Combo USB/FireWire DVD burners. The UltraBURN II drives feature support for a wide variety of media formats including DVD+R and RW. The drives ship as either internal or external units and feature write/rewrite speeds starting at 2x. According to, Inc., has announced FireWire and Combo FireWire/USB 2.0 versions of a powerful new DVD burner for Macintosh and Windows that includes write support for the widest variety of DVD media formats of any drive currently available. 

The new UltraBURN II Plus goes a step beyond the widely available DVD-RW burning devices currently available by providing support for DVD+R and +RW media as well, making this drive the most functional FireWire DVD product available.  

Based on the latest DVD±R/±RW mechanism available, the FirewireDirect UltraBURN II Plus will support writing or rewriting to virtually all media, bringing DVD burning to the mainstream by providing easy to connect and operate DVD solutions for FireWire and USB that will enable burning to whatever kind of media needed for performance on the wide variety of playback devices available. 

The UltraBURN II Plus writes and reads in the following formats and speeds: DVD+RW (rewrites 2.4x), DVD-RW (rewrites 2x), DVD+R (writes 2.4x), DVD-R (writes 4x) and DVD-ROM (reads 8x). The Plus also supports CD burning, supporting CD-RW (rewrite 10x), CD-R (writes 24x) and CD-ROM (reads 32x). With support for this wide array of optical media, there is no burning/authoring device available that can do more.

You can find more information [Link Corrected] about the UltraBURN II drives at the FirewireDirect Web site. The UltraBURN II is available starting at US$325.00 for the "bare drive" internal configuration.