FirewireDirect Supersizes Hard Drive Line has announced an update for the entire line of hard drives. The new, high capacity drives boost storage spaces up to 320 GB and feature the high speed data transfer rates found in Firewire and SCSI arrays. According to, Inc., has announced company wide additions to every hard drive storage line in their catalog utilizing new high capacity drives as large as 320 Gigabytes (GB).

The availability of new high capacity, high performance hard drives allows FirewireDirect to renovate their entire line, increasing the depth of products from their popular Ultra III desktop 3.5" FireWire hard drives to the Ultra Elite 12 Ultra160 SCSI RAID system.

The Ultra III 3.5" External FireWire Hard Drive system, One of the industryis most popular personal storage solution, will now be available in huge new 180, 200, 250 and 320 GB configurations.

DV compressed video requires 13GB for an hour of digital footage, meaning these new FireWire drives, over twice the size of drives widely available before now, will hold over 24 hours of footage on a single formatted hard drive.

FirewireDirect also offers a range of FireWire and Ultra160 SCSI RAID systems that will be dramatically impacted by the inclusion of new drive sizes, especially their Ultra Elite 12, a gigantic Ultra160 SCSI hardware controlled subsystem that will now contain enough hard drive real estate to provide close to 4 Terabytes of storage in a single enclosure.

You can find more information about the new line of hard drives at the FirewireDirect Web site.