First Seinfeld Microsoft Ad Airs, Thin on Content

Microsoft aired the first of its pro-Windows commercials featuring Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates Thursday evening, although there was no mention of Microsoftis operating system in the ad. Instead, the ad focused on the interaction between Seinfeld and Gates in a discount shoe store.

The commercialis lack of reference to Microsoft products or comparison of Windows Vista to Mac OS X stands in contrast to Appleis successful Get a Mac ad series that features John Hodgeman as PC and Justin Long as Mac. Appleis ads typically point out problems with Windows Vista while highlighting features in Mac OS X.

Microsoftis first Seinfeld/Gates ad.

Future Microsoft ads, however, will likely include more than Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates discount shoe shopping while eating churros. According to TechCrunch, Microsoft senior vice president Bill Veghte confirmed more commercials in the series are on the way, and the first phase includes "icebreakers" designed to reintroduce Microsoft to consumers.

How well Microsoftis ads go over remains to be seen, but the consensus from many in the tech world is "meh." So far it appears that many people are failing to find the commercial compelling, which could make it difficult for Microsoft to get its message heard when up against Appleis strong ad campaign.