Flash Films With Flare

Letis say you wrote a really entertaining book, a real knee slapper, and you want to advertise in a really entertaining way.

Well, there are certainly a lot of fun, madcap ways of getting the word out to your perspective customers; you could plaster an ad on the side of a circus elephant, get a guest spot on your local cable access channel (preferably after the skin-headed, leather wearing Aryan, but before the sexagenarian who plays the Star Spangled Banner using flatulence and a tuba), or you could create a Flash presentation of your novel novel and let Vidlit run it for you!

Apparently, more than a hefty handful of authors have thankfully picked the latter route to advertising their wares, and the results are the focus of this installment of A Cool Waste Of Time.

Preview the adolescent antics outlined in How I Paid For College. Thrill to the lessons in Yiddish offered up by Yiddish with Dick and Jane. Get the 411 on lessons in love and other concerns in When Love Calls, You Better Answer.

Not all Vidlit Flash films are fun and games; The Arithmetic of Nurses takes a sobering, poetic look at the elderly.

Not all Vidlit Flash films deal with books; One Lonely Night is a snicker-filled excerpt from the play, Modern Orthodox.

Fun Flash

All Flash movies are well done and enjoyable to the extreme. Wired News has done a nice story on the Vidlit site, so check it out. In the meantime, kick back and get Flashed at Vidlit.

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