Flash Workshops To Be Held IN Colorado

The Rocky Mountain Digital Arts Center (RMDAC) has announced the Advanced Flash Camp at the RMDAC. The campis 4 workshops will feature information on Macromedia Flash 5. According to RMDAC:

Flash designers will truly take their animation to the next level after completing this hands-on course. Participants will learn how to finely tune the software capabilities to their needs, studying variables, decision making, drag-and-drop Flash clips, and interaction with Javascript among many other subtleties of the program. Have you ever seen sites where you wondered "How did they do that?" After this camp, you will know.

This workshop is for those already experienced in Flash basics, comfortable with the timeline, preloaders, and tweening, who would like to learn more about new features in Flash 5 and how to powerfully use Action Scripting in Flash 5 in order to enhance their abilities in this creative software.

Sitting at roomy desks, students will work at individual, sleek Macintosh G4 computers, and have at hand a speedy connection to the internet as well as materials from RMDAC’s extensive library. RMDAC is packed with state-of-the-art technology including wireless ethernet, digital cameras, scanners and color printers, and instructor workstation connectivity to a 65 sq. ft. screen with a 2300 lumens UXGA projection system. The projection system is also connected to a DVD player, an S-VHS VCR, and 8ft satellite dish with a professional surround-sound stereo system equivalent to a small movie theater. Part classroom, part resource center, part source of creative inspiration, the Rocky Mountain Digital Arts Center is centrally located in Denver’s historic Golden Triangle district.

The workshops will take place on September 18-21 and October 11-14, 2000. You can find more information (including registration) at RMDACis site.