Flix Pro Brings Flash Conversion To Mac

Wildform is now shipping Flix Pro for the Mac. Flix Pro is a Flash encoder designed for converting native video to Flash files for Web delivery. Flix Pro features vector video conversion and is compatible with Flash versions 3-6(MX). According to Wildform:

Wildform, developers of media software and resources, today announced the release of Flix Pro for Mac. Flix Pro features new, high quality Flash MX (Flash version 6) and Flash FLV video output, as well as Flash 3-5 video, and Flixis one-of-a-kind vector video.

Flix Pro is the only software that outputs all types of Flash video. It exports Wildformis Flash MX video with both 1-pass and 2-pass VBR (variable bitrate) encoding as well as the .FLV files required to import MX video into the Macromedia Flash authoring tool.

Additionally, Flix is the only software that converts standard video into vector video using its advanced automated trace bitmap function. Flixis vector video, which plays in any Flash player 3-6, consists of only lines and curves defined by mathematical equations that can scale to any size without distortion.

You can find more information about the Flix Pro release at the Wildform Web site. Flix Pro is available for US$149.00.