Floating QuickTime Player From Feelorium

Feelorium is now shipping Picture-in-Picture X 1.0. Picture-in-Picture X 1.0 is a floating QuickTime player designed for viewing movies while working in other applications. Picture-in-Picture ships with simple drag-and-drop functionality and QTV channel support. According to Feelorium:

Feelorium has released Picture-in-Picture X 1.0 today.

Picture-in-Picture X is a floating QuickTime movie player. It plays movies on an always on top window. It enables users to watch their favorite movies while they work on other applications.

Picture-in-Picture X is very easy to use. Users simply drag and drop movie files or folders on to its window, and it plays the movies one by one automatically.

Users can also watch QTV channels easily. Picture-in-Picture X includes information about many of QTV channels. Users just press the iQTVi button, and choose their favorite channel.

You can find more information about Picture-in-Picture X at the Feelorium Web site. Picture-in-Picture X 1.0. is available for US$12.00.