FontAgent Now In Version 8.1

Insider Software has announced Insider FontAgent 8.1, the font repair and organization tool. It improves checking routines and adds Adobe InDesign support. According to Insider Software:

The new version checks all font-file resource data, catching corrupt fonts before they cause problems. In addition, this latest release ensures that fonts required by Adobe InDesign are in their correct location and running correctly.

Improved checks eliminate later problems
The new version of FontAgent now checks all resource data for every font file it finds on a Macintosh. In doing so, it catches corrupt fonts before they start causing crashes, lock-ups, printing errors, unexpected font substitutions and other problems. FontAgent 8.1 attempts first to repair damaged fonts and if it cannot do so, it removes just the damaged parts of the font suitcase so the rest of the font remains usable.

Adobe InDesign support
FontAgent 8.1 adds compatibility with Adobe InDesign, which requires that certain Adobe fonts be stored in specific locations in order to launch correctly. In addition to checking the integrity of Adobe Sans MM and Adobe Serif MM fonts, FontAgent 8.1 now ensures that they are stored in both the standard System:Fonts folder and the Application Support:Adobe folder.

FontAgent 8.1 Regular Edition is available for $US69.95 (free to registered users), and other packages are also available. You can find more information about it at Insider Softwareis site.