FontAgent Pro Full Release From Insider Software

Insider Software has released the first full version of FontAgent Pro to the public. FontAgent Pro is a font management utility designed for multiple font manipulation. The app features expanded font functions including on-the-fly verification and font set definitions. According to Insider Software:

Insider Software announced today the release of FontAgent Pro, a powerful all-in-one utility that handles all font management needs, providing the most sophisticated and thorough font repair technology available.

FontAgent Pro is a comprehensive font manager for Macintosh computers running Mac OS X.

With a few clicks, it repairs or eliminates corrupt fonts, partial and unmatched fonts, duplicate fonts, unnecessary point sizes, and builds optimized, organized font libraries. It enables users to build font libraries and font sets, activate and deactivate fonts, preview fonts in various typefaces, and save system resources and precious time by opening only the fonts required for their current projects.

FontAgent Prois extensive functionality goes beyond the capabilities of FontReserve, Suitcase and ATM Deluxe, introducing a unique set of features never before seen in a single font management product, including the ability to:

  • Define multiple font libraries that can be opened simultaneously
  • Rename font files with meaningful file names for easy management
  • Verify fonts on-the-fly as they are imported, activated, or exported
  • Reorganize scattered fonts into useful libraries that maintain original font-file formats
  • Perform extensive analysis and repair of damaged or corrupt fonts
  • View lists of fonts in each fontis typeface (WYSIWYG)
  • Find any font by typing a few letters contained in its name
  • Automatically view custom text in sequential font lists (FontPlayer)
  • Print any list of fonts in any text and style to create a font book

You can find more information about the FontAgent Pro release at the Insider Software Web site. FontAgent Pro is available for US$99.95.