FontReserve Server Updated With OS X Support

DiamondSoft, Inc. has released an update for Font Reserve Server, bringing it to version 1.6. Font Reserve Server is a font activation utility designed for professional publishing workgroup environments. The update features OS X support and improved font activation. According to DiamondSoft:

DiamondSoft Inc. today announced the availability of a significant update to Font Reserve Server, the companyis award-winning font management system for workgroups.

Font Reserve Server 1.6 introduces client software for Mac OS X, while continuing to provide font management for Mac OS 9 and Classic environments. To help administrators address the challenges of managing fonts in usersi many System Fonts folders — especially in Mac OS X — the update provides sophisticated system font handling.

Version 1.6 also adds system-wide automatic font activation and allows administrators to activate fonts on client systems.

You can find more information about the Font Reserve Server update at the DiamondSoft, Inc. Web site. Font Reserve Server 1.6 pricing is available by contacting the sales department.