Font Utility Update From Vizspring Features Several New Ehancements

Vizspring Software has released an update for Typeset, bringing it to version 1.5. Typeset is a text viewing utility designed for viewing custom fonts and logos. The update features numerous enhancements including a new font display system and bug fixes. According to Vizspring Software:

Vizspring Software, a leader in quality shareware products for the Macintosh, released a major update to their flagship font manager application, Typeset, today.

Typeset is a full-featured font viewing utility. It was designed for the creative professional. Typesetis intended use is to view a collection of installed fonts searching for a good font for a particular project or logo.

Version 1.5 features the following new features and changes:

  • Uninstalled font support
  • New font display system with greatly increased display speeds
  • New search system with filtering and search result saving
  • Smart Favorites feature added, to create automatically generated and updated favorite sets
  • New preferences window with several major preference customization options
  • New Spacing feature to allow the user set the space allocated per font cell
  • Mouse scroll wheel button support added
  • Multiple viewer windows can now be opened
  • Font name labels can now optionally be turned off in the Style menu
  • The more info button has been made into a menu-button to allow direct access to the character table and conversion window
  • ATSUEdit.cpp runtime failed assertion errors should no longer occur
  • Unexpected quits should no longer occur upon exiting the application
  • Many interface modifications

You can find more information about the Typeset update at the Vizspring Software Web site. Typeset 1.5 is free for registered users, while the full version is available for US$15.00.