Forbes/NewMediaZero Call Windows Media Open, iTunes Closed

Forbesi online arm has published an article from a UK online site called NewMediaZero. That article touts "the relatively open nature" of Windows Media 10, which "stands in stark contrast" to Appleis closed and proprietary iTunes. The article also quotes a broadband content provider who compares the coming platform war between Microsoft and Apple to the Mac/PC platform wars of the 80s and 90s. From that article:

Targeted at the growing portable device market, WMP 10 makes it possible to transfer music to over 70 devices, including MP3 players from Samsung, Dell and Creative.

The relatively open nature of the player stands in stark contrast to Appleis proprietary iTunes and iPod.


Arthur Cinadar, head of media at content provider 2Wire, said, "It looks like the PC market all over again: the proprietary Apple solution of hardware, software and store versus the open Microsoft solution. Anyone can make the hardware or can sell the music and Microsoft gets money from the software licences."

Forbes publishes a number of articles through syndication services, including many articles from The Mac Observer. This particular article was originally published by NewMedia Zero. You can find the Forbesi version of the article at the magazineis Web site. You can find more info about NewMediaZero at that companyis Web site.