Forbes: Any Doubts That Apple Will Use New IBM Chips Are Starting To Whither

The mainstream world is really getting into the Apple speculation game. News earlier this week that IBM had introduced a new PowerPC processor called the PowerPC 970 included a Reuters report that quoted "industry insiders" as saying the processor would be used by Apple (see our report on IBMis released specs for the chip for more information). Since then, several other mainstream sources have jumped on the bandwagon with their own prognostications. Today, Forbes published the second such speculative piece from Arik Hesseldahl, and this one states the case for Apple to adopt the new 64-bit processors even more strongly. From the piece, titled "IBM Remains Coy About Apple Chip:"

If there is still any doubt about IBMis intentions with its forthcoming PowerPC 970 chip, itis quickly starting to wither.

As coy as IBM is being about what computer company may ultimately buy the chip for use in its machines, thereis little question now that Apple Computer is the target customer for the chip.

There was a key hint from Peter Scandon, senior processor architect at IBM Microelectronics, who gave a technical presentation about the chip at the annual Microprocessor Forum being held here this week. During the presentation, Scandon specifically used the word "Altivec."


"To me, the fact that it has Altivec, that points to Apple," says InStat/MDR analyst Tom Halfhill.

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