Forbes Offers Mainstream Apple Rumor Round Up

The rumor phenomenon is well known inside the Mac Web community. While certainly rumors are in no way limited to Apple, the companyis displeasure at Mac oriented rumor sites is equally well known. What we have observed during the past couple of years is that mainstream media outlets have been joining in the game, especially in advance of Macworld Expo. Such is the case today with Forbes, who published the following:

Rumors are steadily building about what to expect next from Apple Computer and its rock star Chief Executive Steve Jobs. Jobs is set to make new product announcements part of his keynote speech at the San Francisco Macworld Expo on Jan. 7, 2003. As usual, Apple is giving no hints about what to expect. But the latest rumors suggest that several software updates are due, including the addition of videoconferencing capability to the iChat application launched earlier this year. The Sherlock Internet utility will likely get some new additions, including the ability to search the Web via and track UPS packages, among others. Apple is said to be working on its own Web browser software. And, reportedly, Appleis all-new machines will have Bluetooth wireless connection capabilities integrated. Also, expect some new hardware updates, including speed bumps to the iMac and eMac computer lines, and a larger screen for the flat-panel iMac.

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