Forget Dragging To The Trash, Eject Disk Has You Covered

Beyond Midnight Software has updated their utility for easily ejecting a disk from anywhere in the system, EjectDisk, to version 3.1.6. EjectDisk allows users to easily eject a disk from within any application with a simple keystroke. According to Beyond Midnight Software:

Beyond Midnight Software today announced the release of version 3.1.6 of EjectDisk, its time and effort saving utility for ejecting disks of all types on Macintosh computers.

What is EjectDisk?
EjectDisk makes ejecting disk from your computer a breeze. While working in any application you can eject most disks with a single keystroke. No more having to switch back to the Finder to eject the disk, and no more reaching for the mouse to drag the disk icon to the trash. EjectDisk can also open and close the CD/DVD tray on your computer from the keyboard (no more pressing the button on the front of the computer), and eject any CD/DVDs still in the computer when the computer is shut down.

What is new in EjectDisk 3.1.6?
EjectDisk 3.1.6 adds support for Iomega devices connected via a FireWire adaptor, documents that EjectDisk can close the CD/DVD tray on some setups, and fixes a bug where EjectDisk could sometimes open then immediately close the CD/DVD tray.


  • Automatically eject CDs from the computer at shutdown.
  • Eject all disks of a particular type, or eject individual disks.
  • Open the CD/DVD tray from the keyboard.
  • Close the CD/DVD tray from the keyboard on computers running Mac OS 9.1 or later, or with QuickTime 5 or later installed.
  • Support for most removable drives (SCSI, IDE, USB and FireWire).

EjectDisk is available for US$10. You can find more information at the Beyond Midnight Software Web site.