Formac Introduces 16X FireWire DVD Burner

Formac has introduced a 16X FireWire external DVD burner. The Devideon 16X DL includes Formacis proprietary DVD burning software, and supports both DVD-R and DVD+R. The drive also burns DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, and can burn CD-R/RW at 32X. Lastly, Formac says that the drive is the first to support 4X burning of dual-layer DVD mediais second layer.

According to the company, the drive can burn to media that is warped or slightly irregular, and total noise from the drive has been reduced "by up to 75 percent compared to previous models."

The Devideon 16X DL is priced at US$199 through Formac. You can find more information and tech specs for the drive at Formacis Web site.